Good evening all!
We had such a wonderful day today! This morning, the students were able to help clear a spot of the ranch for the next family home to be built. They have been blessed with the means to build a new family home, so today we cleared out the land by relocating leaves, brush, and sticks so that a team can come in and lay a foundation.

After a delicious Costa Rican lunch and a fun swim break in the river, the students were split into two groups. One group went to El Paso, a local community center, and loved on the kids there. They played soccer, painted nails, read a Bible story to the children, and got a chance to learn about their culture and language. Group two stayed back at the ranch and continued clearing the land. They moved big piles of branches and sticks from the animal pens to the fire they built to prepare the land for the new home. They also helped the sweet cook, Veronica, by shucking home grown corn.

We ended the day with another delicious meal and homemade ice cream. We also got the chance to help fund Mema’s (the grandmother of the MacArthur family who operate the Ranch)
residency here in Costa Rica by buying her famous cookies. We had worship time and a message during Chapel, then debrief time in our cabins. Students are adjusting to the humidity and change in weather, but all in all we had a great day and we can’t wait to see what God does with the rest of our time here.

Anna R, Abby and Team


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