Carmen posted the following report last night:

Good Evening!
What a day! Our team really found our rhythm here at the Ranch today. We started out with individual devotional time before having breakfast, then moving into projects. Some of the projects this morning were:
• Clearing more brush
• Relocating avocado saplings
• Planting pineapples
• Setting up El Poza (the community center) for the afternoon activities
• Mixing and laying concrete

Amidst all the work, we had an opportunity to play in the rain!

After some down time and lunch, the group split into two groups. One group went back to El Pozo and the other group stayed at the Ranch. The El Pozo group was able to play soccer, pass out stickers, and help the kids do a special tie-dying project. The Ranch group helped care for the goats, clear some space for more farming, and create supports for the plantain trees.

We ended our day with a time of worship led by three of our students and a chapel lesson with Josh MacArthur.

We appreciate your continued prayers for strength and energy to work on projects and show love to the local children.

In His Service…


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