Hello All!

We had a full day in Costa today! Despite the rain, the team was able to accomplish all the projects planned for the day, plus many extras. 

This morning, we had a team go to a local school to participate in their English Festival. They performed 3 songs as well as watched the students perform and participate in an English spelling bee. 

Back at the Ranch, a team worked on planting more pineapples, tending the animals, clearing more brush, and cleaning. 

After lunch, part of the group went to El Pozo while the rest stayed at the Ranch. The rain cleared long enough in the afternoon for the El Pozo group to play a good game of soccer (or football) before singing and reading a Bible story with the kids. The group at the ranch finished up some of the projects. 

The common theme during our debrief time tonight after Chapel was how well our team has been working together. Both the leaders and the students have observed everyone’s strong work ethics and willingness to serve. 

Until tomorrow!



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